Nieuwe publicatie!

Als onderzoeker en docent zijn er veel mooie mijlpalen. Vandaag leverde een team van studenten een goed advies af aan de gemeente Wageningen over het betrekken van jongeren bij hun klimaatbeleid: doen! Ook vandaag was het erg inspirerend om samen met Udo Pesch een masterclass te mogen geven voor het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat over het belang van burgerparticipatie en conflicten in de grote transities.

Heel blij word ik van deze nieuwe publicatie in Information, Communication and Society:

We laten zien hoe tegenstanders, voorstanders en neutrale groepen van actoren visualisaties gebruiken. Online visualisering is steeds invloedrijker in controversen over energie en voedsel. Dat wordt op meerdere manieren duidelijk in ons TOFU project (NWO-MVI)

Three paradoxes in urban governance

In this essay, I describe three paradoxes in urban governance. The essay is based on a review of 68 studies under the NWO VerDus Surf program, and interviews with 16 researchers. I conclude that experimentation with new forms of collaborative governance in the Netherlands but also elsewhere three new paradoxes emerge:

(1) Many cross boundary innovations, but nothing changed

(2) Many voices heard, but more excluded

(3) Many issues solved, but more conflicts

read more (in Dutch):


This is my new website. It is about time. Working in academia since 2003 and combining it with other interesting parts of life. Today, I was in a meeting with one of my PhD students who prepared an interesting presentation about energy justice in the energy transition for an ESA conference. We practiced, and hopefully I gave him some useful feedback. Next, I was talking to a master student from MADE master from AMS. She wants to work on digital tools and big data analysis for the city, for example these nice maps. How do they influence decision making – and what democratic issues might emerge? After that I went for a lunch ice skate in the park with my daughter. To continue with a matchmaking event for KIC Energy transition. This was not all the time in parallel with a inspiring meeting with researchers in from the VERDUS program. I will thankfully use their input for an essay I am preparing, and honored to have been asked to do so. I concluded the work day with a WUR meeting on the tenure track system, some administrative things – and a nice call from the family to join for dinner. Not all days are this exciting ;).