Policy Interventions

I design and experiment with deliberative settings in the policy practice. With this I aim to directly contribute to more democratic governance of transitions. For example, with stakeholders we explored the role of deep geothermal energy in the energy mix (TOFU Project), or we explored issues of densification in the City of Amsterdam (Up WISE). In a new NWO project, we will map and deliberate with citizens’ in Overijssel what they think are fair distributions of renewable energy production sites. I also co-develop research methods with stakeholders, for example digital software for image scraping, sorting and sentiment analysis.

The theoretical concepts from deliberative democracy theory in combination with empirical studies provide a firm basis for these experiments. Boundary objects, such as visualizations, may help participants to move beyond negotiations of interests, and start exploring the underlying framing contests. In addition, in two of my research projects, I am connecting the lessons from singular deliberative settings. This connection will help to design governance arrangements or pathways to transitions that may alter current governing practices more structurally

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